The Petroleum Industry’s Employers’ Association is an association within the Transport Group. We currently have 41 associated companies with over 2,400 employees. Our member companies are those that manufacture or market Petroleum products in Sweden.

One of our main tasks is to enter into collective bargaining agreements regarding salary and terms of employment for our industries. Agreements are entered into with the Swedish Transport Workers Union, Unionen, the Swedish Organisation for Managers and the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers. Furthermore, we provide our members with advice on employer issues and health and safety issues, negotiation assistance, help with agreement interpretation and litigation assistance in the District Court and the Labour Court. For our members we also arrange courses in areas such as labour law and leadership.

The Petroleum Industry’s Employers’ Association is part of the Transport Group, a cooperative organisation within the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise consisting of eight employers and/or industry associations in the transport industry. In cooperation with the Transport Group, we also work with recruitment, professional development and educational issues relevant to our industry.

As a member you will receive professional advice and legal assistance as well as discounts on, inter alia, contractual insurance and membership in the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.

The Petroleum Industry’s Employers’ Association and Transport Group are headquartered in Stockholm, with nine regional offices, from Umeå in the north to Malmö in the south.

The Petroleum Industry’s Employers’ Association, PAF, means both the association and the service company PAF Service AB.